New Klean Gutter with CopperCare micromesh - patent
Introducing Klean Gutter with CopperCare™ Micromesh
New Klean Gutter with CopperCare micromesh - Outperforms
Outperforms More Expensive Gutter Guard Systems
New Klean Gutter with CopperCare micromesh - Bye Ladder
Klean Gutter Lets Nothing But Water In
Goodbye To Ladder Acrobatics
And Funky Muck Slinging
New Klean Gutter with CopperCare MicroMesh - no warping
100% Metal is the Strongest Product You Can Get
Won't Warp and Break Like The Competitors


Up Ladder… Scoop Out Muck… Shimmy Ladder… Stretttttch For More Muck… Down Ladder… Slide Ladder Over 3 Feet ( & Be Careful With The Bushes)…

Then REPEAT about 20 more times.


Yeah, you know the drill.  But wouldn’t you think by now we would have robots to do this funky annoying chore for us?

Fact is, when it comes to cleaning gutters, robots don’t even want to do it.

YES, it’s that nasty of a task… And it’s dangerous too.  In fact, over half a million Americans receive treatment for ladder-related injuries each year.


Fortunately, there’s a simple, affordable,
effective and reliable solution. 

It’s called Klean Gutter!

Klean Gutter is a great alternative for homeowners who don’t want to ever clean a nasty gutter again, but also don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a gutter guard system.

Fact is, Klean Gutter is one of the most effective and reliable micro mesh gutter guard designs in existence.

Klean Gutter outperforms many well-known, expensive, dealer-installed systems… including some that you’ve probably seen advertised on TV.

Here’s why…

Made with 100% Metal

Some gutter guard systems are made with a plastic frame and metal screen.  This means that when it’s really hot out everything expands… and when it’s cold out, the material contracts.  And since those systems are made with different materials, they expand and contract at different rates.

Over time, they WARP and the “Filter Pops Out.”

On top of that, the plastic breaks down from being exposed to the elements.  Eventually, the oily molecules in the plastic dissipate into the air and the plastic frames become brittle and break.

Klean Gutter covers sit flat on your gutter and won’t warp, buckle, or break.  And the frame won’t breakdown over time like other gutter guards do.

Klean Gutter covers are made to last.

How Does Klean Gutter Work?

Klean Gutter micro mesh guard is made with expanded metal which can be positioned in 8 different directions. But only 1 direction pulls the water into the gutter much better and more efficient than the other 7 directions.  The most effective direction is the Long Way Of Diamond (LWD), and that’s what Klean Gutter has.

It creates a Cheese Grater Effect.

If you’ve ever used a cheese grater then you know it only grabs the cheese when it crosses the grate in one direction. It doesn’t work in the opposite direction or side to side. And if you were somehow able to get the cheese on the inside of the grater, it wouldn’t work in any direction.

Choose the direction that works best.

New Revolutionary CopperCare™ Filter

Our revolutionary CopperCare™ micromesh filter addresses common problems that all conventional gutter guards, including ones with stainless steel filters, might face.

CopperCare™ micromesh combines not only top quality stainless steel but pure copper to create a mesh that naturally prevents the growth of unwelcome organisms such as moss, algae, and lichen that grow everywhere. Additionally, our CopperCare™ filter utilizes copper’s natural oil thinning and anti-bacterial properties to combat the oils that may leak from your roof’s shingles.

Want to harvest your rainwater or worry when your pet drinks gutter water? Copper is naturally antimicrobial and can kill bacteria when it comes in contact with it so that the water flowing through a Klean Gutter protected gutter is safer than water flowing through a conventional stainless steel screen.

75% More Filtering Area

By maximizing the filtering area, Klean Gutter can handle far more volume of water than many other systems. What good is a gutter guard system if it only handles some of the water, allowing overflow of heavy rain to spill over the edge of the gutter?  Klean Gutter captures all of the water that hits it.

Torrential downpour? Klean Gutter has you covered.

Klean Gutter is made with a liquid adhesion design that draws water by the bucket load down into your gutter and swiftly down the spout and away from your house. This liquid adhesion lip is located in two spots of the Klean Gutter cover so it can handle Mother Nature’s Wildest Outbursts.

Keeps Out ALL Debris

Klean Gutter’s patented micro mesh filter design draws in water but keeps out all debris. In particular, it blocks tree needles, spring debris, and various other small debris that gets through most gutter guards.

Prevents Roof Oil Buildup

Oil from the roof shingles will naturally flow down the roof and build up on your filter. Klean Gutter solves this issue by using underbody touch points that isolates the oil so it doesn’t spread over the filter.

Pitched To Match Roof Angle

Unlike many gutter filter systems, Klean Gutter is installed to match the angle of the roof so leaves and debris blow to the ground with the wind, while the rain water is neatly captured in the gutter.

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