5 Reasons to Choose Klean Gutter

Still looking over all your different gutter guard options? Carefully weighing the costs and benefits of each one?

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 reasons people tend to choose the Klean Gutter Leaf Guard System for their home and gutter protection.

Top 5 Reasons People Choose Klean Gutter Over All Of The Other Options…

Best Value- Klean Gutter does what it’s supposed to do. Which is “Keep Your Gutters Free Of Debris.”  And on top of that, it’s one of the most affordable installed gutter guard systems on the market.

Safety- Klean Gutter works as designed so you can keep your feet firmly planted on solid ground… no more wrangling with the ladder.

Home Maintenance/Problem Prevention- Clogged gutters can cause a wide array of problems and MASSIVE repair bills.

Here’s a list of costly headaches clogged gutters can create:

    • Drainage problems that weaken your foundation.
    • Leaks and water damage from water backing up under your shingles.
    • Wood rotting in your ceilings and walls.
    • A welcoming environment for ants, termites and vermin to flourish.
    • Black mold that can cause health risks to your family.

Improve Home Value- By making your home more maintenance free, you add far more value than the cost of adding a gutter guard system… especially when you go with an affordable and reliable Klean Gutter.

Works As Advertised- Did you know that many gutter guard systems fail within 3 years.  Yeah, it’s true.  In fact, 1 out of every 3 systems fail within 3 years. Fortunately, Klean Gutter isn’t one of them because we’ve solved all of the issues that lead to failure. Our system is one of the most efficient designs that pull in water fast and effectively.  Roof oil doesn’t build up and prevent water flow. Matching roof angle and patented microfiber technology prevents debris from accumulating.  And it’s made entirely of metal so it won’t warp, break or disintegrate over time.