How to Hang Holiday Lights Using Christmas Light Clips

christmas light clips

The warm scent of ginger and nutmeg dances in the peppermint breeze. You’ve been waiting for this moment for months and you’re almost ready to start the season. In fact, you only have one thing left to do: light your home up with holiday color! Fortunately, putting up the holiday lights will be a breeze because you have the proper tools like Christmas light clips.

Christmas Light Clips: The Proper Tool

If you asked our Klean Gutter experts how to hang Christmas lights on gutters, they would all answer the same thing: use gutter clips! These and other types of Christmas light hanging clips will perform just as well as nails or Christmas light hooks and they are much easier to install. Best of all, clips like Christmas light hangers for gutters will come down easily and without a

Although most homeowners will only require basic, universal Christmas light roof clips, specialized types also exist for trickier installations. There are types of gutter light clips, for example, designed specifically for gutter guards. Specialized Christmas light shingle clips offer an alternative to gutter installation by letting you hang lights from the edge of the shingles instead. There is a clip for every need!

How to Use Christmas Light Hanging Clips

Follow these three simple steps to install your Christmas lights:

Step 1: Map the Layout

You can choose a focal point (such as the front door or a bay window) and work from there. Make sure to think about what types of lights would highlight your home’s features the best, what outlets you’ll need to use, and if the gutters can still function effectively (your home’s drainage should function especially well during the winter – read here about how to deal with ice dams). Once you have a solid plan, the rest is just logistics!

Step 2: Prepare to Install

Make sure to measure everything, including the surface lines where lights will hang, distances to electrical outlets, door and window frames, and anything else you can think of. Once measured make sure to purchase the types of lights that best fit your planned application; incandescent bulbs offer a softer, more “homey” look but LED lights are brighter and more energy-efficient. Always stay within the bulb manufacturers’ string sequence connection limits (you might have to use multiple outlets).

You will also need to purchase the types of hanging clips that best fit your home and the lights you chose: adhesive works best for gutters with guards, pinch-style clips work best for shingles and rooflines, and so forth. You might also need to pick up extension cords, timed switches, and other additional components.

Step 3: Put ‘em Up!

Before installing, plug the lights into their designated outlets to make sure that no bulbs are blown and that the outlets are working properly. Most importantly, remember to practice total safety during installation. Avoid any ladder acrobatics, make sure nothing is plugged in until after installation, and wear safety glasses and rubber gloves. Start from the power outlets (without plugging anything in) and continue from there.

Enjoy the Glow!

If you plan accordingly, the installation process should just be a matter of connecting the dots. You’ll be done and enjoying your holiday lights before you know it. Happy Holidays!