Gutter Guard Cost: Klean Gutter vs. Leaf Filter

Klean Gutter with CopperCare filter great for pine needles

Read on to learn more about gutter guard cost, maintenance, and options for your home!

When it comes to your gutters, it goes without saying that cleaning them is the most annoying part of gutter maintenance. I mean, who really loves to climb up on their roof and wipe leaves and other debris from their gutters?

However, gutter maintenance is extremely important for the overall well-being of your home. Thankfully, gutter guards provide a way to clean your gutters less frequently because they guard your gutters from debris and leaves from getting into the gutters.

Choosing the type of gutter guard that you want can feel confusing, though – especially if you’ve never had a gutter guard before. That’s why we’re bringing you a gutter guard comparison between Klean Gutter guard and other brands out there. Let’s get started.

Leaf Filter

Other brands offer a gutter guard that uses a patented 3-piece system that tries to tackle debris, while still being able to manage the water passing through.

How do they try and do this? A combination of micromesh screen, uPVC frame, and structural hangers.

The micromesh screen is made up of surgical grade stainless steel that resists rust. Additionally, the screen is pretty finely knit together.

A lot of other gutter guard systems use uPVC. They claim that it is durable and can withstand all different types of weather. However, uPVC is a type of plastic that expands and contracts with hot and cold weather. Over time, this causes problems as it interacts with the materials around it.

Lastly, the structural hangers of most gutter guard systems try to ensure that your gutter guard will stay attached and in place on your roof.

Klean Gutter Guard

Klean Gutter gutter guards are made with state-of-the-art technology. It’s designed specifically to keep water from the roof from damaging your home. Their gutter guards pull water through the filter by using hundreds of thousands of touch points and leave all the debris out.

Like other brands, Klean Gutter also features a fine micro filter. However, theirs is made using the Higginbotham ratio. It is the perfect ratio to let water in while keeping all other debris out.

Klean Gutter will install your gutter guards at the same angle as your roof. This is done in order to aid your roof and gutters to dispose of the debris on their own. It’s basically like a slide for any debris.

What’s the Difference in the Cost of Each Gutter Guard?

In order to accurately understand the cost of gutter guards, you’ll need to have an installer come and look at your home to determine what best suits your needs. Often, you might see estimated gutter guard cost per foot. Until you have someone give you an actual quote, there’s no real telling how accurate the cost per foot will be.

The standard process for determining what your gutter guard needs are is first to verify that the brand of gutter guards will fit your home and your needs. Once you’ve confirmed that you’re ready to move forward, an installer will measure the length of your gutters to ensure accurate pricing for the number of feet you’ll need. The installer will also inspect your current gutters to make sure that they are clean and in good working order. If not, you might need to have them replaced prior to implementing the gutter guards.

In the spirit of making sure that you aren’t over-buying for your needs, you can even have the installer look for high-debris areas and only install there, as opposed to the entire gutter system.

Which Gutter Guard is the Best?

There are many wonderful gutter guard brands and companies out there. Companies like MGP have perfected their microfiltration technology. They’ve designed gutter guards that can tackle your specific needs like pine needles or heavy snowfall. Truly, the gutter guard company that you choose to go with will depend on your specific needs and budget. It’s always smart to shop around and ask for different estimates (for both time and price) before committing.