Thank you for your interest in becoming a dealer. You are on the cusp of discovering how to become part of a great team to sell an amazing gutter guard technology.

Here are the first few steps on your path to success with one of our micromesh gutter guards:

Our business development manager will plan on calling you.  The goal of this first conversation is to determine:

  1. The counties you serve. We will ensure we do not have a dealer with exclusive rights to sell the product you’re interested in in those counties.  That’s valuable to you because we honor our commitments to our dealers.
  2. Your sales objectives.  Our dealerships are contractual obligations. That may sound a little unfamiliar to you, but for the semi or exclusive rights you’ll be given for a specific territory, you’ll commit to minimum sales targets specified by annual footage that, through our partnership, we expect you should find easy to surpass.
  3. If other dealers do not have exclusive rights to the territories under consideration and you are comfortable with minimum sales targets, we will schedule additional conversations. If you want something less structured, don’t worry, we have options for you as well.

As this process gets underway, we’ll send you a series of weekly emails chock full of information about our most popular system, Klean Gutter, and the value added services available to our partners. It is our intent that the combination of the partnership, provided information and the foundation you have put in place will lead you on the path to success. 

Stay tuned for a call from us! Don’t want to wait? Schedule an appointment that fits your schedule on our calendar now.


Calendar Appointment