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how klean gutter leaf guard works

Gutter Guard Comparison

In any gutter guard comparison, look to see if the product has any patents from an inventor other than Alex Higginbotham on the microfiltration technology.  Simply put, you won’t find any.  Alex Higginbotham holds 10 patents for microfiltration in gutter guards, representing 15% of the advancements since the first patent was issued in the 1880s!  No one knows the field like he does.  You’re in good hands when you use his latest advancements and improvements, which you’ll find in Klean Gutter.

Expanded Metal Micro Mesh Gutter Guard Comparison

Klean Gutter – The latest expanded metal gutter guard from inventor Alex Higginbotham. He holds three patents on this technology with a fourth pending.

What separates Klean Gutter is its ability to use a fine filter, not a wide open mesh, and still pull water into the gutter.  There is a tight central seam in this design used to force water to follow this path rather than continuing its forward flow from the roof straight over the system.

Klean Gutter is designed to be pitched with the roof so the product does the work to shed debris. This is a key feature of all the latest Higginbotham products.  He learned from his past designs that flat systems create a ledge over your gutter which winds up trapping debris.

Klean Gutter also uses the expanded metal in its body differently than his earlier design. Water filters through faster and more effectively than in past embodiments.  It also gives Klean Gutter a better way to self clean from roof oils and other debris.

Klean Gutter also has over 70% more filtering area than any other system.   You get better performance when you don’t limit the filtering area. While it costs more to do, Alex Higginbotham insists product performance comes first.  You’ll find no compromises here.

Klean Gutter Comparison

Nothing but water gets into the gutter below.

Leaf Solution – This was Alex Higginbotham’s first design with expanded metal, originally intended for the DIY market.  This design allows you to use cheaper expanded metal in the manufacturing process, but because of that, you also need multiple downward drops in the product to try to get it to take water.

An issue with this design is the consistency of those dips.  There are now a total of three, each of which leaves a gap, creating a place in the product that collects and traps debris.

Leaf Solution was designed to sit flat over the gutter.  Flat systems can trap debris because air flow down the roof doesn’t hit all parts of the product. This is particularly problematic in the springtime or if you have pine or fir trees that drop needles on your roof or in your gutters.

Rhino/Xtreme – What happens if you take the dips out of Leaf Solution?  You have Rhino.  Rhino is the industry low cost expanded metal product which appeals to a lot of installers, where price is more important than performance. To save money, the expanded metal has been given even bigger openings than Leaf Solution while the metal has been made even thinner.  They try to compensate for this with a smaller filter.

Another way they keep costs down is to use a lower grade stainless steel that, over time, rusts when exposed to the elements–not a good choice for a system designed to work in the rain. Find their reference to stainless steel and you’ll never see the words “surgical grade” or “316” mentioned anywhere.

No downward dips also saves money, but means there is nothing in the product design to direct water down into the gutter. As a result, must sit flat over the trough, ensuring it will act as a ledge that will trap debris.  You’ll also see they’ve chosen a very open mesh, the only way to pull water through is to have all the water drop onto a single spot on the flat filter and rely on gravity, not the product, to do the work.  NOTE:  In 2018, Rhino stopped being sold.  As of the present time, Xtreme is the closest alternative to Rhino.

Gutter Guard Comparison

Homeowners may think they’re paying to getting the bells and whistles of a micro mesh design, but with other systems, they’re not getting any value for their money.  Short term performance is not worth the price you’ll have to pay.

Klean Gutter was designed to be the best performing gutter guard to use expanded metal.  To find out more about how we do what we do, check out our How it Works page.

You can also access a copy of our Klean Gutter Warranty here.