4. Installation


Our independent dealer will ensure your gutter guard installation is completed quickly and with the utmost professionalism.  They strive to get top satisfaction ratings in the services they provide, especially since it involves protecting your home.

One of the unique features of Klean Gutter is the versatility of our install.  Typically, we install between the starter course of shingles and the first row of shingles.  There are several other options as well.  Klean Gutter can be fascia mounted if you don’t want to touch your shingles.  It can also be bent on a brake so that it forms a wedge and dropped in over the hidden hangers or spike and ferrules.

Other systems claim you can’t go under roof shingles without voiding your roof shingle warranty. In our experience as the manufacturer of several gutter guard products, this is just false advertising and a scare tactic used by systems that don’t perform like Klean Gutter.  There’s nothing different between installing roof flashing, a sky light or vent under a roof shingle.  So long as you don’t break the tar seal (which we don’t, Klean Gutter isn’t long enough) there’s no issue sliding the back of the product under a shingle.

Why would you install this way? Because when the shingle contacts the filter directly it’s more effective at pulling water thought Klean Gutter and into the gutter below.  Other systems typically have roof shingles overhanging the product. Water can wick under the shingle and pull back towards the roof this way. In many instances, the roof shingles extend too far over the gutter and you loose a lot of the products performance.   These systems tend to sit flat and debris can get caught under the shingle where it stays wet and can rot your fascia.

Klean Gutter’s creator, Alex Higginbotham, saw this happening in the field with his original micro mesh technology.  He’s taken those issues into account with Klean Gutter so problems that use to occur just can’t happen anymore.