Klean Gutter Gutter Guard Patents

A big part of the innovation and engineering behind Klean Gutter is the manufacturer’s investment in gutter guard patents to protect the underlying technology.

Klean Gutter is emanufactured by MGP Manufacturing, the only company the industry innovator in micro mesh gutter guards, Alex Higginbotham, works with.  This has value for anyone purchasing Klean gutter because no one else has the know-how he has.

Alex Higginbotham invented the first expanded metal and micro mesh gutter guard and now hold three patents on the core technology.  You may find other products that look like Klean Gutter, but, unless they’re MGP products, they have no patents on any part of the filtration features of their product.

Klean Gutter is the next step forward in the design’s technology.  Alex Higginbotham has re-engineered his original concepts found in products like Leaf Solution and has made them perform to a higher standard.  He’s now patent pending on those latest improvements as well.

Gutter Guard Patents

We take the commitment Alex Higginbotham has made to advancing the field and patent protecting his innovations seriously.  Here’s the necessary legalize:  In accIPISC logo with link for gutter guard patentsordance with Section 287(a) of Title 35 of the United States Code, the reader is hereby placed on notice of MGP Manufacturing LLC and Edward Higginbotham’s rights in the United States Patents listed on this site and associated with these gutter guard products.

US 6,951,077
US 7,174,688
US 8,006,438

Klean Gutter’s heating methodology is patent pending.  Several other features of Klean Gutter are also patent pending.

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