MicroMeshGutterGuards.com Announces Launch of Klean Gutter 2.0

The updated version is now available with CopperCare™ Micromesh Cloth – the biggest innovation in gutter guards in over twenty years.

Paterson, NJMicroMeshGutterGuards.com is pleased to announce the launch of the Klean Gutter Leaf Guard version 2.0.  In what was already one of its most popular products, this next generation further advances gutter protection technology, benefiting homeowners and contractors alike.

MicroMeshGutterGuards.com’s products take their rightful place as the leaders in genuine microfiltration technology.  The company’s technological advancements have led the industry and stem from the critically acclaimed industry innovator in gutter guards, Alex Higginbotham.  The features of MicroMeshGutterGuards.com products serve a distinct purpose, including minimizing debris from getting into a gutter, maximizing the amount of water that can be redirected into the gutter, minimizing maintenance on the part of the homeowner, and incorporating properties that allow the filtration element to self-clean

In the company’s latest news, MicroMeshGutterGuards.com has released its highly anticipated Klean Gutter Leaf Guard 2.0.  The Klean Gutter now comes with patented CopperCare™ Micromesh, which is an innovative filter that combines stainless steel micromesh with 99.8% pure copper strands woven in.  This copper and stainless-steel fusion is a first in metal cloth production.

“This innovative is key to the industry because organic materials, such as moss, lichen, and algae can grow on any surface, especially roofs, causing gutter guard technologies to fail,” says Karen Sager, President of MicroMeshGutterguards.com.  “While copper or zinc strips on the roof help combat the problem, they don’t work where it counts – at the gutter itself. Additionally, the oils in asphalt shingles, which leach out over time, will coat any gutter guard with an oily residue.”

According to the company, CopperCare™ Micromesh is the first and only filter with organic-inhibiting features built in.  The copper kills organics, such as moss, lichen, and algae exactly where needed – over the gutter.  Copper also has inherent oil thinning properties, a benefit where shingle oils are a problem. CopperCare™ gives homeowners and contractors a solution to the organics problem on the roof line.

Klean Gutter 2.0’s redesign also includes a new InvisaLedge downward seam. This patent-pending addition to the product more than doubles the amount of water that can flow through it. Not only that, but like its sibling product, MasterShield® Gutter Protection, Klean Gutter now has interlocking panels that enclose the system, preventing gaps from forming.  The interlock also increases strength and rigidity while ensuring a uniform appearance.

What’s more, Klean Gutter 2.0 also retains the features contractors love about the product, including:

  • Klean Gutter’s design maximizes water intake, with the filtering surface laying over 100% of the gutter trough
  • Built-in, cheese-grater-like channels in the metal so water is pulled in more effectively at any angle
  • It is an all-metal product. MicroMeshGutterGuards.com does not use any PVC plastics in its products as they become brittle and break down in the sun, making them less durable
  • Klean Gutter doesn’t attach to the roof, so the product expands and contracts with the gutter it’s installed on.  Products attached to the roof – or made from PVC plastic – cannot do this.
  • It’s designed to maintain the roof’s natural pitch to shed debris better.  Systems installed virtually flat collect debris and can easily overflow, requiring extra maintenance.
  • Klean Gutter installs under the shingles or fascia-mounted to match any pitch/design and can be retrofitted on existing gutters.  Contractors love its versatility and ease of installation.  Nails are not inserted through the shingles; therefore, don’t void a shingle manufacturer’s warranty.

“Klean Gutter’s high-quality materials and manufacturing process ensure an easy and precise installation, enabling us to consistently reach our production goals,” stated Dominic Pachell of Gutter Solutions of Lake Erie. “The unique and effective design provides the performance and dependability our customers can count on for many years to come.  We look forward to the growth of our gutter division as a result of our relationship with Klean Gutter and its many benefits.”

“The introduction of CopperCare™ Micromesh into Klean Gutter is consistent with our company’s mission,” states Sager. “Strive for perfection in everything we do, take the best that exists and make it better. When it doesn’t exist, design it, so contractors and homeowners have consistently better options to solve water-related home maintenance issues.” 

CopperCare™ Micromesh technology is available for license in other products that use filtration.

For more information about MicroMeshGutterGuards.com, please visit https://micromeshgutterguards.com/

About MicroMeshGutterGuards.com 

MicroMeshGutterGuards.com leads in gutter guard technology and performance. Their products feature the innovations of multi-patented inventors, Karen Sager and Alex Higginbotham. The company’s micromesh technology has changed the gutter guard industry, using a fine screen to keep all debris out of a gutter and touchpoints to self-clean the guard. MicroMeshGutterGuard.com’s products include MasterShield Gutter Protection®, Klean Gutter Leaf Guard™, MicroMax™ Gutter Guard, and Pine Guard™ Gutter Covers.