Klean Gutter Warranty

You can view the Klean Gutter Warranty here.

Many dealers will add their own warranty to the Klean Gutter Warranty.  Product failure is virtually non-existent unless the circumstances of the installation are highly unusual.

Klean Gutter Warranty and Icicles

Klean Gutter WarrantyIcicles seem to be the biggest issue we have but gutter guards neither cause nor prevent icicles. They are a function of the insulation and ventilation in your attic. Many people say “but I never had icicles before I installed gutter guards!”  You probably did, but you couldn’t see them.  They were hanging from your roof shingles and dropping into your gutters.

We feel being upfront on this point leads to the reason people install leaf guards in the first place.  They want to keep debris out of their gutters and stop climbing their ladder every season to keep them clean.  Our Klean Gutter warranty will make sure that you’re off your ladder and you’re not cleaning your gutters any more.

Most importantly, you can heat Klean Gutter to address your icicle issues.