What are Gutter Guards? What’s the Purpose of a Gutter Guard?

what are gutter guards

You might be wondering what a gutter guard is and if you even need one at all. Watch Alex explain what the purpose of a gutter guard is and why you should seriously be considering investing in a system like Klean Gutter Leaf Guard.


Karen:  So Alex, what is the purpose of a gutter guard?

Alex:  Well, Karen, the simplest answer is to make sure that your gutter can always take the water that’s inside it and get it away from your house. To keep a gutter from clogging.

Karen:  So it’s going to clog with pine needles, fir needles depending if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, oak tassels, maple helicopters, all that stuff in the spring and then, come the fall, you’ve got leaves, acorns, twigs, the whole nine yards.

Alex:  All of that Karen. And one thing a lot of people may not be aware of is that your gutter doesn’t have to be filled to the brim with all of that debris to clog. It just takes a little handful of pine needles to cover that downspout opening. When I installed gutters and did roofing you could sometimes we would get calls to go unclog a gutter and you’d look and you saw nothing in that gutter except right at the downspout pine needles or oak tassels had covered the hole and you got the overflow.

Karen: So the purpose of a gutter guard is long term peace of mind that nothing’s getting into your gutters. And what I’m also hearing as well, you’re staying off a ladder.

Alex: Staying off a ladder and, Karen, you’ve got that peace of mind. When you hear that thunderstorm at night you’re not thinking, “Oh my gosh, my basement’s going to flood again!” That’s a terrible feeling.