Sell Klean Gutter as an MGP Preferred Contractor

MGP Manufacturing, the company behind MasterShield and Klean Gutter, is looking for the right type of home improvement company to become part of the network of MGP Preferred Contractors and Klean Gutter dealers. Gutter Protection is one of the main sectors of the home improvement industry. Could one of our products be right for you?

Want to sell Klean Gutter?  Becoming a Klean Gutter Preferred Contractor is super easy.  Best of all, you can work with a product invented by Alex Higginbotham with three US patents backing its design.

We’ve automated most of this so that purchasing product from us super easy.  Installation is easy, too.  You’ll have several options from under the shingle, to fascia mount to wedge shaped system.  The system installs fast and we even have an options for high flow areas like valleys.

Marketing materials are available, making getting started easy.  Want to exhibit at a show or other event? You can get a complete booth.  Prefer print ads or online advertising? We can help there, too.

MGP offers:

  • The opportunity to work with the innovator in stainless steel microfiltration, Alex Higginbotham.
  • Proven gutter guard technology rated best-in-field by independent testers.
  • Ten U.S. technology patents for self-cleaning gutter protection featuring microfiltration.
  • Ice Shield for heated gutter protection.
  • A solution to high volume water areas to address roof valleys.
  • Quick turnaround on product shipments.
  • Standout marketing materials.
  • A turnkey marketing program.

Are you a home improvement company looking to expand your business? Is growing with a financially strong manufacturer with broad patent protection important to you? Does your business pride itself in its courteous and professional demeanor, top-notch installation and white glove service? Then contact us.

To get started, click on the button below, share your information and you can be off selling Klean Gutter in no time at all!